Journaling and creativity

I completed a 12 week book called the Artist Way. It required daily morning pages. I spent a lot of time writing about what I wanted to write books on. I came up with at least three pretty solid topics. The great part of writing the morning pages is getting in the habit of writing every day. I bring this up because I had not written for the last four days. It almost drove me crazy. So I did my morning pages this morning. It did not make the day 100% better but it certainly was better than not writing at all.

Journaling, for me, is great. I can put down what is going on with me. I can put my problems down on paper and give them over to my higher power. I can dream, make commitments, explore ideas, gripe about people who are stressing me out. It puts my life in focus for me. Most importantly, it gives me the opportunity to clear my mind so I can write on my novels.

One suggestion I was given was to write a motivational sentence every day for my novel. If I can’t write anything else on my novel, write that one sentence. See, writing a novel is new for me. I don’t have an approved outline of exactly how to write MY novel. I can read a lot of books, and I do. I have looked at how they begin. I haven’t found that first intro so I figured that writing these sentences everyday will help me get started. Now comes the fun part. Writing those sentences.

I tend to procrastinate. This is not necessarily a good thing. I do, fortunately, have a goal. I plan on having a completed manuscript by the end of the year. It will not be perfect. I am expecting some editing. Okay, maybe a lot of editing. But At least I have a goal.

Write On my fellow writers, authors, songwriters.


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