One day at a time, one sentence at a time.

I am a long time twelve stepper.  Slogans like One Day at a Time and Let Go and Let God became a part of my life.  One Day at a Time was especially important when trying not to drink or prevent me from overeating.  Today, though, it is more about my writing.  I have a hard time writing everyday.  I have missed about a week on my journaling and that is driving me completely wacko.  But actually doing real writing a book kind of writing is very hard for me to do.  I have managed about 2 hours of actual writing on my first book in a little over a month.

I thought that once I picked a topic, it would be easy to write.  In fact, I had talked and journaled about it for a month before I finally tackled it.  Four paragraphs is not much progress in one month and a week.  I am trying to write a book on my struggles with my weight and the greatest choice to have a bariatric (weight loss) surgery.  I went so far as to skim through Carnie Wilson’s first book on her weight loss surgery.  She did a lot of history first.  I wasn’t really sure how to handle some of the history.  To be totally honest, I wasn’t sure if people were interested in much of the history leading up to the surgery.

I had someone suggest that I try to write a sentence a day on the book.  The idea was to write inspirational sentences that might help me write the book.  I was looking to find a few sentences that could become potential paragraphs or even a few paragraphs.  I managed to get three paragraphs out of one sentence and one paragraph out of another sentence.  Not a bad suggestions for what it was.  Where did my steam go?  Where is my motivation?  I have a lot of time to write at the moment.  After all, I live in a nursing home.  I don’t have to do a lot of things that I would have to do if I was living independently.  When my roommate and I get settled from our temporary move, I need to set a schedule and just start writing.  Maybe I should see if I could use a vacant room a couple of days a week.

If that doesn’t work, there are two other topics I could write about.  One is about living in a nursing home.  I haven’t decided whether or not to use pictures for that.  Getting photos of different things that the residents have painted or made would be great.  Also getting photos of residents doing certain activities would be excellent.  I had thought about having residents write poems and have them published.  The reality is that some of that has been done already.  However, writing  about being a resident has not been done.  I know I can’t use real names so I would have to make up names for people.  Certain behavior is found among  several patients in most nursing.  I could easily make composite patients and still have a terrific story.

The other topic is homelessness.  There are so many ways to approach that one.  I could fictionalize the story.  I have actually had some ideas about characters but it was hard to decide how the book would end.  Do I make it a happy ending, a cliff hanger, or more realistic ending?  To make it realistic would probably mean that the person remained on the streets by choice or do to circumstances.  I have known a few people get off the streets with the help of people from church.  We then would lose contact with them.  I could make it a photo book of different locations in the Dallas area.  there is a homeless shelter near downtown Dallas that I could get pictures and maybe a couple of stories out of the residents there.  Then there are the statistics that need to be  added to that to get an overall picture of the real homeless situation.  Of course, part of my royalties would go to that shelter if that is what I decide to do.

The thing is that I am not at a lack of ideas for books.  It is a matter of getting me in the habit of sitting down and writing.  Of course, I usually put pencil to paper when I write but I don’t to blog.  Maybe I can start typing my stories.  Novel concept, like why hadn’t I thought about that.