I certainly need some inspiration, something outside of myself that would get excited about writing.  My feet are so cold when it comes to writing at this point.  I love to write.  I can do  outlines, characters, scene sketches, etc.  I am having trouble putting it down on paper in any congruent.

So, I had an idea about 2 weeks ago.  I decided to start a writing group at the nursing home I live at.  I immediately had interest from 2 other residents.  I was so excited.  I even realized that the three of us were writing about some of our life experiences.  I scheduled two meetings for the month of July.  Today was our first meeting.  One member did not make it at all.  The other one was 30 minutes late.

Maybe it is time to regroup because I really want this to work.  I suspect that the one member who did not make it was probably not gotten out of bed.  She is basically bed bound and needs major help to get into her motorized wheelchair.  The nature of the beast in nursing homes is that the weekend staff is not willing to do a lot of things that they should be doing.  So I am sure she was not put into her chair today.  I will find a way to work around that.  She deserves the group just as much, if not more than the rest of us.

Thank you for letting me share today.

arboretum 069


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