Creativity is a Spiritual Journey

Creativity is a Spiritual Journey

About three or four months ago I began reading THE ARTIST WAY. I had bought the journal that went with it. It was suppose to take me 12 weeks yet, I had to take 13 weeks. I got overwhelmed one week and just could not get everything done that one week.

I had begun the book not realizing what it meant to be creative and spiritual at the same time. Over the course of time I began to talk more and more to God while journaling. I talked about my book ideas. I discussed how I wanted to do something that mattered. It was during this time that I realized which story I needed to tackle first. It was the book I had tried writing some 8 year ago.

I could not understand how I had forgotten about it. It was a topic that was close to my heart and I do mean literally. I had ended up in the hospital with Congested Heart Failure, COPD, and dieing. I weighted 479 pounds. Seventy-eight pounds later I had a weight loss surgery. The next 12 years proved to be a struggle. My weight fluctuated but my health improved drastically. I was no longer dieing. I had to learn to live with and except I was disabled. I had to realize that I was a precious child of God. My journaling over that 13 week process helped me realized how much healthier I was emotionally and physically.

So it was those weeks of writing and talking with God. Not only is creativity a spiritual journey but I also realized that I am a creative genius.


Starting my first novel

I had put off writing my first novel by nine days.  That is not to say I wasn’t working on.  I was doing a little something everyday.  Well that is to say everyday except yesterday.  Today I wrote the first paragraph.  I don’t know whether I like it or if I’ll keep it.  I certainly don’t know where to go from the first paragraph.

I have anticipated the moment of writing this book for literally eight years now.  I have always had a dream of being a writer and here is my chance.  I am fortunate that I have two other story ideas.  It could be that I work on all three stories at once but that could be frustrating and lead to three very bad stories.

I guess I worry about fictionalizing a very true story.  I am afraid I will accidently type the name of a real person instead of a fictional name.  I am afraid that I will not fictionalize the story enough. Even worse then that, I am afraid the book will actually be good, it will be published, and it will be a success.  I really could be a successful author.

So where do I go from here?  I did start the novel in the first person.  I am going to do a little bit of thinking tonight and will probably start writing the book in the third person.  This may eliminate the accidental real person name getting out there.  After all, I will be talking about fantasy people, people who only exist on paper.  This could be totally awesome. 

Thank you generous fellow bloggers and readers for listening to my silly struggles.

I Am a Creative Genius

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I come from a very creative family.  My sister is a graphic artist.  She had a business making and selling deco-glows.  She can make jewelry out of almost anything including paper.  I have another sister that is an elementary school teacher and can keep kids active with various crafts.  She is musically inclined as well.  My baby sister is the director of a deaf school in Honduros.  She helps teach kids in Spanish and Honduran sign.  She is constantly looking for crafts that the parents can do for fundraisers.  They are wonderful sisters.

My parents are equally artistic.  They have taken stain glass classes and proceeded to do some beautiful peaces.  They also took painting classes and have done marvelous paint jobs.  Both Grandmothers were painters as is one uncle.  I also have an uncle that is a magnificent potter.  All of this to say that I thought of myself as the least creative soul on earth.

I did start crocheting at 15, mainly blankets and scarves.  I discovered animals about 2 years ago.  That was amazing.  In my thirties I discovered pottery and again I do great work.  I have a Native American flare from my Cherokee grandmother.  I love doodling and have started coloring my doodles.  Probably  not worth a whole lot but it is certainly fun and creative.  But there was one dream that remained unfillled.

Growing up I dreamed of being a writer.  I am a good poet.  I have been since Iwas twelve.  I have written short plays for our church Christmas Play for several years.  Writing research and thesis papers has always been easy.  But when it came to writing that great novel that keeps floating around in my head, it has been hard.  I wrote a story about 8 years ago.  It was a story that I feel needed to be told.  In an attempt to get all the facts in, I realized it became overly technical.  It was great for the medical and psychiatric/counseling field but not for the audience I was wanting to reach.  The book went into the drawer and never came back out except to be dusted.

So here I am at 52 almost 53 still wanting that 10 year old child’s dream.   I want to be that author I have always dreamed of.   That book is developing.  I am taking notes, doing some research and trying to  think of character names.  I have decided to fictionalize the novel.  I will be writing the book beginning Monday April 29th.  This is my goal.  I intend to do this step by step.  I have no set finish date yet but there is hope for a finish by the end of the year.